The Axor range of sanitizing products is designed to deeply and effectively sanitize your home and your office.

Do you need to sanitize your hands with a product that dries quickly but also protects your skin from dryness and redness?

Do you wish your sanitizing gel was readily available?

Do you wish to sanitize rooms and fabric and purify the air in your home, office or car?

Do you wish to sanitize your appliances, so your clothes and tableware can be cleaned safely?

Do you wish to clean all surfaces and make them shine with a quick drying product?

Do you wish to sanitize floors and make them shine with a no-rinse product?

Do you wish to sanitize your bathroom, removing bacteria and limescale in just one step?

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The expert’s advice

During the last year we all learnt the fundamental importance of living in a sanitized environment, especially when it is shared by many people. This is why Axor gave its contribution by designing a line of high efficiency sanitizers for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications – at home but also for offices, bars, shops and the workplace in general.

First and foremost, we took into consideration personal hygiene and designed a HAND SANITIZER that is both safe and pleasant, that dries quickly and smells good. Our formula contains 70% ethyl alcohol, in compliance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Public Health, but is also composed of panthenol, which is extremely effective in protecting the skin from dryness.

Secondly we considered all the situations where basic cleaning is not enough to make the room safe, like bathrooms and toilets, crowded spaces, bar or shop counters, waiting rooms and offices, but also our homes, where a deep sanitizing action is necessary to make the environment safe for everyone.

For crowded spaces in particular, our SPRAY SANITIZER is the ideal product that helps you quickly clean rooms, or even car cabins, from viruses and bacteria.

Lastly, using a specific SANITIZER FOR WASHING MACHINES AND DISHWASHERS helps you deeply clean clothes and tableware, protecting people and making life easier.