The Axor range of cleaning products for capsule and pod coffee machines can help to extend the life of your machine and keep your coffee tasting great by removing grease, dirt and limescale from your appliance, even in the hard to reach or inaccessible areas. Your coffee will always taste perfect, just like from a café.

Do you wish to soften your water and prevent limescale formation so you have better tasting coffee?

Do you wish to prevent limescale formation in a machine with a water tank and suction pipe?

Do you wish to remove the greasy residues that alter the taste of your coffee?

Do you wish to descale your appliance and protect its components in a practical, eco-friendly way?

Do you wish to deeply descale your appliance and extend its life?

Are you looking for a high-performance descaler that is safe for you and the environment and also protects the internal components of your appliance?

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The expert’s advice

Is your coffee machine making bitter, almost rancid-tasting coffee? It’s not the coffee’s fault, it’s just time to clean your machine!

A capsule coffee machine has inaccessible parts where coffee oily residues can sediment and can’t be removed manually. These residues can oxidize and rot in a short time, and in the end they can alter the taste of your coffee and cause malfunction in your appliance.

COFFEE MAKER CLEANER capsules were designed to solve this problem. Their active oxygen-based formula quickly eliminates oils, grease, bacteria and bad smells from the internal components of the appliance in a simple and effective way, it doesn’t need rinsing and leaves no residues. Regularly using COFFEE MAKER CLEANER capsules extends the life of your capsule coffee machine, protects its metal components from wear and offers an easy solution to coffee machine maintenance issues, so your coffee will always taste great!

What should you do, on the other hand, if little to no water is dispensed from your machine, or if water doesn’t reach higher temperatures? Well, you should definitely descale your appliance before it stops working altogether!

Water used in coffee machines normally contains calcium and magnesium salts which inevitably form limescale deposits due to higher temperatures. Over time, this can block the water flow in pipes, causing the appliance’s malfunction and eventually its total block.

In order to solve this problem, you can choose between different kinds of descaling products, depending on how often you need to descale your appliance and how hard is the water you use for coffee making.

If you use softer water, which contains less mineral salts, your coffee machine will last longer and will require less frequent descaling. This is why our AQUA filters and our WATERLIGHT bags can help you reduce the frequency of descaling interventions and have better tasting coffee.