Liquid descaler for coffee machines and kettles

Size: 1000 ml

DMC50 is a liquid descaler designed to remove limescale in a quick and efficient way and make your professional coffee machine work perfectly. Tap water used in coffee machines contains calcium and magnesium salts which inevitably form limescale deposits due to higher temperatures. Over time, this can obstruct the water flow in pipes, causing the appliance’s malfunction and eventually its total block. Regularly using DMC50 ensures perfectly clean pipes, leaves no residues or bad smells and extends the life of your coffee machine. This way, the taste of your coffee will always be unaltered.

DMC50 contains lactic acid of natural origin, is safe for people’s health and respects the environment.




Here’s how to use our coffee machine liquid descaler DMC50:

  1. Remove any filters from the water tank.
  2. Pour into the water tank one DMC50 dose (100 ml) and approximately 300 ml of water.
  3. Press the machine start button or start a descaling program and let the solution flow through the appliance until the water tank is empty.
  4. Rinse the tank with tap water, then fill it up with water and run a descaling program again until the tank is empty.

For removable parts: Pour one DMC50 dose (100 ml) into a container, add 300 ml of water and dip in the items you wish to descale for about 30 minutes, then rinse accurately with tap water.